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Code for Tenders & Contracts

King Island Council buys products and services as required by Council policy and in accordance with the Council’s Code for Tenders and Contracts.

The purchasing process followed will depend on the value and complexity of the goods or services required, as well as the risk associated with the end use of those goods or services.

Any public tenders are advertised in the Saturday edition of the Advocate newspaper. In addition, each of our tenders will be advertised here, on our Facebook page and in our newsletter.

For lower risk, lower value purchases, selected suppliers will be invited to provide written quotes and supporting information.

To have your business considered for provision of goods or services to Council, please send some brief information about your business and the goods and services offered to

For more information on the tendering and contract process please contact the Council.

Click here to download the King Island Council Code for Tenders and Contracts.

All current public tenders and expressions of interest are listed below: