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Updated requirements for arrivals to Tasmania

All arrivals to Tasmania, including returning residents, are required to follow certain steps in the days before they arrive. Current details can be found on the website with the bulk of relevant information provided on the Coming to Tasmania page. The list of areas and premises that are designated low, medium and high risk is constantly updated, so travellers are encouraged to check the site regularly as they plan and commence their travel.

The steps to follow before arrival in Tasmania will depend on whether you have been in a low, medium or high risk areas in the 14 days prior to your planned arrival, or on specified dates for medium and high risk areas and premises.

High and medium risk areas and sites

A G2G Pass is required for visitors and Tasmanian residents travelling from areas and premises designated high or medium risk, noting that travel from a high risk site will only be approved if the traveller can prove “essential traveller” status. Applications for a G2G Pass should be lodged at least three days before and no more than 14 days before the intended date of arrival. Quarantine in a suitable residence or government-run accommodation for up to 14 days may still be required.

Low risk areas

Registration on the Tas e-Travel site is required for all other arrivals to Tasmania, including residents returning from interstate. This process can only be completed in the 72 hours immediately prior to the intended time of arrival. Quarantine is not generally required following entry to the state from a low risk area.