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Update on clearing of Trees across King Island Roads

As at 3.45pm

The following information will be changing on a regular basis, but the current situation of trees on road is as follows:

Work in progress:

  • Pegarah Road – will be open in about 1 hour

Still to be rectified:

  • Graham Road – should be rectified by 5.30pm
  • Snodgrass Lane – tomorrow

Roads have been cleared:

  • Yarra Creek
  • Main Road to Grassy
  • North Road near pass River
  • North Road, north of the Old Church
  • Old Grassy Road
  • Lancaster Road
  • Shaw Street
  • North Pegarah Road
  • Fraser Road
  • Graham Road
  • Marshalls Road
  • Kentford Road
  • South Road

Please be aware that Council currently has a mechanical sweeper clearing the debris off Main Road to Grassy.  Please drive with caution in this area.