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Travellers arriving from mainland Tasmania now also required to isolate upon arrival

Council understands this latest response to COVID-19 may cause some angst for our community members who may have to travel to Tasmania for upcoming medical appointments. You will now be required to self-isolate for 14 days on your return to King Island.  The following information is provided directly from the Tasmanian government.  If you require assistance to help understand or clarify these new requirements, please call us on 6462 9000 and we’ll do our best to help you and to allay any concerns you may have.


Effective immediately all travellers arriving on King Island (including residents returning from mainland Tasmania) will now need to self isolate for 14 days.


You must stay at home or in your accommodation, except to access important, arranged medical care. Do not go to public places, including work, school, childcare, shops or attend public gatherings. Only people who usually live with you should be in the home. Do not see visitors.


If you are required to self isolate, all household members are now required to isolate & must not leave the property during the 14 day period.


Essential travellers, undertaking work that is for the essential function of the island may be eligible for an exemption.


Essential traveller approval needs to granted by the Tasmanian Government prior to booking flights.

Applications forms are available at:


Essential traveller categories include: National and State Security and Governance, Health Services, Transport, freight and logistics, Specialist skills critical to maintaining key industries or businesses, Paramedics and ambulance officers, Other persons, or class of persons that are exempted by the Secretary DPIPWE. This does not make these travellers exempt from following other direction to limit the spread of the coronavirus.


The Tasmanian Government have launched a new website as a publicly available single source of truth relating to the Tasmanian response to COVID-19. As the situation is changing so rapidly we encourage those who can to seek out this source as their first point of contact & check it regularly as it is being updated daily.

The notice being placed around the island and sent out via letter-box drop can be accessed below:


Please be advised that information shared by Council and posted on this page regarding the COVID-19 response was correct at the time of publication.

Due to the dynamic nature of the federal and state governments responses to the pandemic – information, fact sheets, and government websites are being updated but often are lagging as the situation changes and new orders and/or directives become law and recommendations or guidelines are put into place.