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The best place for people to be is at home

Following yesterday’s National Cabinet meeting, Premier Peter Gutwein today announced a suite of new measures designed to help Tasmania stay ahead of the curve.

While Mr Gutwein said “Fortunately to date, we haven’t been as affected by the virus as some other states, we’ve said consistently the best place for people to be is at home, unless they need to be getting essential supplies, medical or compassionate care, exercising or going to work or school.”

So, “as of midnight tonight, an order will come into effect to enforce the following rules”:

You must remain in your primary place of residence unless you are:

shopping for what you need (food and other essential supplies that enable you to remain at home and to do that shopping as infrequently as possible)

for medical care or compassionate needs

to exercise (in compliance with public gather rules)

for work and education (if you cannot work or learn remotely)

He also announced that the maximum number of people at a public gathering should be reduced from 10 people to two, which will similarly be enforced in Tasmania from midnight tonight. This means that aside from your household, public gatherings, including exercise will be reduced to two people.

Tasmania also brought National Cabinet’s ruling into affect regarding the closure of playgrounds, skate parks and outside gyms in public places.

Mr Gutwein went on to say that “a statement will be put out today so there is absolute clarity.”

The new measures will be in place for four weeks and will then be reassessed.

Please be advised that information shared by Council and posted on this page regarding the COVID-19 response was correct at the time of publication.

Due to the dynamic nature of the federal and state governments responses to the pandemic – information, fact sheets, and government websites are being updated but often are lagging as the situation changes and new orders and/or directives become law and recommendations or guidelines are put into place.