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Temporary Footpath Closure – King Island Hub Construction

Council is happy to announce that building works for the King Island Hub are due to commence in the very near future.

The new Hub building sits adjacent to an existing footpath, connecting the Currie Museum to the Lens Room and Currie Lighthouse. To ensure public safety, and the safety of our construction team, this footpath will be closed while early stages of construction works are completed.

The footpath will be closed from Thursday, 11 April and based on the current construction schedule, will reopen in late September 2024.

The footpath from the Harbour to the Museum will be accessible for the duration of the works.

To gain access to the Currie Lighthouse and Museum Lens Room from the Museum, pedestrians will need to walk along the roadside of Lighthouse Street itself.  However, parking at the Currie Lighthouse will remain available, which will allow for guests to drive between the two sites, if required.

We ask everyone to take extra care during this time; for pedestrians to be mindful of vehicles, and drivers to be mindful of pedestrians.

We look forward to providing further updates as construction progresses.