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South Road – Where We’re At and What’s Happening Next

Works on the South Road Project have been progressing well, and is in the final stages before completion.

Regular road users may have noticed less activity on the site this week, so this update is to let you know where we’re at and the timeline we’re working towards to have the road finished in the next few weeks.

This week – early this week, the bitumen truck arrived on site and we’ve been transporting the iso’s of emulsion to the site. There were some additional grading and preparation works undertaken.

Now – The sealing aggregate for this project was dusty and dirty and this needs to be washed and dried before sealing to make sure that the seal adheres correctly. This washing process happens off site and we’re working on it now, as well as getting a couple of other smaller projects completed.

Next week – We’d hoped to seal early next week, but with the weather looking unfavourable, we need to give the rain a chance to pass, and the road a chance to dry out before sealing.

The following week (3/4/23 weather permitting) – We will do a final trim grade on the road to tidy up and prepare the surface to take the seal. We won’t need to close the road to carry out sealing, but will be using the traffic lights to assist in single lane closures. We’ll also put out communications to let road users know when we plan to seal, so that you can avoid the area if you choose.

Council is grateful for the Community’s ongoing patience with the final push to the finish line. We want to get this right for everybody.

We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks to keep you updated, but as always, if you want to contact us, don’t hesitate to call 03 6462 9000 or send us an email at