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seats returned to former glory

This week saw the reinstatement of the Turkey seats on Main Street, after a welcome refresh by original artists Roger Banfield and Alison Milsom. With the seats once again resplendent in colour, it is hard to miss them, with 12 individual turkeys represented in pairs on benches along the Currie Main Street.

Turkeys, who are often thought to represent abundance, find strength in numbers and reflect the energy of sharing, which is a positive message for any community. Founder of Wings on King, Kate Ravich further adds that “the King Island turkey’s are some of the few remaining pure-blood original American Turkey’s in the world, making them very rare indeed”.

Financed with grant funds remaining from the Township Master Planning process, the seats represent first actions and will be followed shortly by the installation of a community noticeboard in Grassy. An implementation plan for other projects that were identified as part of this process and included in the budget for FY18/19 has been developed with further projects to be considered in the development of Council’s 10 year Strategic Plan, Asset Management Plan, and Long Term Financial Management Plan.