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Run for your local council

Standing for election is an opportunity to represent your community and bring your ideas to the table.

We are encouraging people with diverse backgrounds to nominate in October’s local government elections to ensure a wide range of views are represented.

Visit for more information.

2022 Election timetable (key dates)

Notice of election to be publishedSaturday 3 September
Electoral rolls close at 6.00pmThursday 8 September
Nomination period5 September – 19 September
Nominations close at 12 noonMonday 19 September
Nominations announced at 12 noonTuesday 20 September
Ballot material posted to electors3 – 7 October
Polling period3 – 25 October
Close of poll at 2.00pmTuesday 25 October
Results released as available26 October – 2 November