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Residents aged 70 and over should self-isolate now

If you have family members or friends who are over 70 or over 60 with chronic illness, the safest thing they can do is self isolate & stay home.

While all residents have been instructed to do their shopping as infrequently as possible, those over 70 (or over 60 with chronic illness) are implored to get others to do it for them. 

This advice is in addition to an order which came into effect at midnight on Monday 30 March to ensure the whole community remains in their primary place of residence unless:

  • shopping for food and other essential supplies that enable you to remain at home
  • for medical care or compassionate needs
  • to exercise
  • for work and education if you cannot work or learn remotely

These measures will be in place for four weeks, with a review by the Tasmanian Government thereafter.

This is a strong message by our Premier, supported by our Mayor.

A letter-box drop will go out this week, which can be viewed below:

Residents aged 70 and over should self isolate now

Please be advised that information shared by Council and posted on this page regarding the COVID-19 response was correct at the time of publication.

Due to the dynamic nature of the federal and state governments responses to the pandemic – information, fact sheets, and government websites are being updated but often are lagging as the situation changes and new orders and/or directives become law and recommendations or guidelines are put into place.