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REMINDER: Naracoopa sand mine – cartage

Naracoopa Mineral Sands Pty Ltd (NMS) is planning to conduct a major export shipment of up to 85,000 tonnes of mineral sands via Grassy Port, which Council has been informed will commence today.

The export campaign will operate for 20 working days.  Trucks will operate on the road network between 7.00am (0700hrs) and 6.00pm (1800 hrs) Monday to Friday.

Naracoopa residents have been notified directly of the operations, click here for a full copy of the letter.

NMS are required to adhere to specific regulations in regards to the vehicles transporting materials and driver management.  These regulations include such items such as, but not limited to:

  • Total weight must not exceed a weight of 42.5 tonnes
  • When located, the trucks (and trailers) are to be covered to prevent dust emissions during transport to the port.

NMS have made special arrangements with school buses, postal and other services during the campaign

The one-way route will use Fraser Road and North Pegarah Road (both Council roads) to Grassy Road (a State road) and return via Naracoopa and the Esplanade.  This route will only be used when there is a requirement for more than 18 trips per day.  A copy of the TMP is available here or at the Council offices.

If you have any issues or queries please contact Mr Gayan Perera, the representative from the Naracoopa Mineral Sands on 0455 296 989 or at