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Receiving rates & other notices via email

Council are aware that many ratepayers would prefer to receive their rates instalment notices by email and are taking the opportunity to advise the community that this is certainly an option.

Animal registration and other invoices from Council can also be emailed, so if this is your preference, please print and complete the form below and return it to Council.

To ensure Council meets its obligations under privacy legislation, the form must be signed by all ratepayers named on the rates (or other) notice.

If the rates notice is addressed to a business, we will need the form to be returned on the business’s letterhead, or accompanied by an authorisation on the business’s letterhead.

Council aims to provide an additional level of convenience to ratepayers who prefer email, while also reducing its costs.

If you have any queries, please ring our Rates officer on 6462 9000 or call in to Council’s office.

Email registration form