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Patient Travel Assistance Scheme Review


KP Health has independently reviewed Tasmania’s Patient Travel Assistance Scheme.  The Tasmanian Government has accepted all 35 recommendations provided in the review.

Following the review, concession card holders will no longer be required to make co-contributions to their travel costs.

Other key recommendations to be implemented include increased travel and accommodation subsidy rates, increased upfront payment of PTAS subsidies, and improvements to the PTAS application process to make it easier to complete.

The eligibility criteria for residents of King Island and Furneaux Group islands will also be expanded recognising the unique health care access needs of very remote island communities.

Other recommendations accepted by the review include:

  • A process for considering exceptional ruling requests will be implemented
  • A revised process for responding to appeals and complaints will be implemented
  • More timely reimbursement of PTAS claims will occur through application of enhanced claim timeframes
  • Awareness of PTAS among the public will be improved.

These improvements will ensure patients living in remote and regional areas have access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

A copy is available for viewing at the council or a copy can be downloaded via the link below.