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Now is not the time to be complacent – limit your movements

With the outbreak on the NorthWest coast continuing to spread and the state recording its seventh death today, Premier Gutwein said in his morning briefing “the virus is carried by people. I think we all understand that”.

He went on to instruct all Tasmanian’s “DO NOT go to the NorthWest unless you need to go for essential services”.

Although it is invisible, the virus is both vigorous and dangerous, and it’s close. By staying home and reducing your social interactions, you dramatically reduce your chances of catching the virus and you dramatically reduce your chances of spreading it.

Evidence suggests that a person can spread the infection approximately 24 hours before they first develop symptoms until up to one day after their symptoms are gone – why take the risk?

Unless you ABSOLUTELY need to go out to get essential supplies or healthcare, to go to work, to exercise, or to care for someone STAY AT HOME.