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Racecourse access amendment

Community safety is a priority and following a number of months working with the Race Club Committee on our formal Safety and Risk Assessment process,  the North Road entrance to the Race Course is to be locked.

To ensure stock and traffic incidents do not occur again, a detailed Safety and Risk Assessment was recently completed with recommendations agreed to by Council and the Club .

The Community will continue to have full access to the Race Course facilities via Racecourse Road and the Sid Tuckerman Track which is the first driveway on the right heading to the racecourse.  The Eastern Main Road entrance gate closest to Main Road will be locked with security keys held by key stakeholder groups for emergency access only.

Trainers have continued access via the Northern track entrance to the outside of the course and racing day stalls, in accordance with Race Club Regulations.

While safety is our primary concern, Your Community Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Please direct any enquiries to Customer Service at Council.