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Naracoopa Sand Mine – Traffic Management Plan

Naracoopa Sand Mine Pty Ltd (NMS) is planning to conduct a major export shipment of possibly up to 85,000 tonnes of mineral sand via Grassy Port.

Previously residents were asked to consider two possible road transport routes from the mine to Grassy Port and return when the carting campaign is in full swing. Responses received favoured a one-way route using Fraser Road and North Pegarah Road (both Council roads) to Grassy Road (a State road) and return via Naracoopa Road and the Esplanade.

This route has been incorporated into the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the mine. This route will only be used when there are a large number of truck movements each day. A copy of the TMP is available here or at the Council offices.

Click here for a full copy of a letter which has been sent out to all Naracoopa residents.