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Naracoopa Jetty – Proposed Closures for Repairs

The Naracoopa Jetty will be closed to the public for repair works scheduled from 3 December 2019 to 19 December 2019 and from 4 January 2020 to 31 January 2020. Security fencing and warning signs will be erected at the site during these periods.

The Jetty will be open for public use during the Christmas/New Year period.

As a matter of safety Council requests residents and visitors to obey all signage at the site and take care if moving in the vicinity of the jetty.

The repairs are necessary to make the jetty safer to use, Council regrets any inconvenience caused by the closure.


East West Dive and Salvage Pty Ltd

Scope of Work

The overall purpose of the repair works is to improve the structural integrity of a section of Naracoopa Jetty. The works will make the jetty safer for pedestrian use and allow for the weight of emergency vehicles.

The section of jetty covered by the repairs is approximately 155 metres in length and extends from Pile 0 to Pile 36.

The extent of works includes:

• Installing 17 bracket connections and timber beams onto existing steel piles

• Installing 4 additional timber beams for lateral bracing of existing steel piles

• Repairing 15 existing timber and steel piles

• Replacing 25 of 6 metre lengths of damaged timber decking boards

• Removing timber deck boards between Pile 35 and Pile 36 to prevent pedestrian access to the remainder of the jetty

• Installing a timber fence across the full width of the jetty at Pile 35, that matches the existing post and rail fencing on the jetty in terms of materials and appearance

The works will be monitored and inspected by Council’s assigned engineer.

Location of Pilon 35

 The following photo and diagram show the location of Pilon 35, which is at the eastern end of the second concrete slab.  This will allow jetty users to access more suitable fishing areas.

4 metres of deck boards will be removed at the limit of the Stage 1 works, i.e. between the second and third concrete slabs.  This will temporarily prevent people from accessing the remainder of the jetty, while avoiding the need for high security fencing.

A waist height fence will be installed across the jetty where the decking boards are to be removed, that will enable fishing off the end of the jetty.

The section of the jetty that will remain temporarily closed to the public is approximately 64 metres in length.  No funding has been allocated for rehabilitation of this section at this stage.

 In the first 6-months of 2020, Council will be consulting with the community on its funding priorities for the 2020/21 financial year and its 10-Year Long Term Financial Plan. This will include consideration of the long-term strategy for the jetty and funding for any further major works.

The contractor has advised that timber for the Jetty repairs is scheduled to arrive on-Island in time for works to commence on 16 December 2019.

In regard to previous funding, the State Government transferred ownership of the Jetty, including a grant of $700,000, to Council in 2007/08.  Council’s financial records show that in the period 2008/09 to 2018/19, $930,000 has been spent on major maintenance to the jetty infrastructure.  This does not include the funds allocated for the current repair works or minor maintenance undertaken by Council.

Preliminary estimates indicate that over $1.4 million would be needed to reinstate the full length of the Naracoopa Jetty.  The insurance payment due to storm damage was $175,000.

The total expenditure for the current repairs from the shoreline to Pilon 35 is estimated at $250,000.

$41,000 was spent from the insurance payment in 2018/19.  This covered structural inspections, engineering assessments and minor site works.  The balance of $134,000 has been allocated to the current repairs.

Additional funding for the current repairs has been allocated from $202,720 in the Council’s Naracoopa Jetty Reserve Fund.