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Mayor Christmas Message 2023

On behalf of King Island Council I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2024. This year has been another epic and historic year for King Island so let us all head into Christmas celebrations in a spirit of thanksgiving. I encourage all to savour our collective achievements over the holidays and enjoy a well-earned break. It is always special when families reunite for the festive season but don’t forget your neighbours who also count as family here on King Island. I particularly welcome all tourists, visiting relatives and returning Islanders home for Christmas and New Year celebrations. There is room at this inn.

In my now established tradition as Mayor, for all of Dec 23 & Jan 24 in our Local Government jurisdiction, I authorise a relaxation of Golf Rule 18 – whereby by you can lose 5 Golf balls (max), not be penalised for stroke/distance and search for them for an unlimited time. That ball you shanked and lost never happened, a miracle of Christmas!

Council closures and reduced services will be notified shortly and many businesses will also close for a 2-3 week period to enjoy a well-earned break. In 2024 we are going next level but, in the meantime, Merry Christmas.


King Island Mayor