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We appreciate that this period of change is very disruptive for individuals and businesses on all sides.

Council is working to reach a new normal providing airlines with certainty of costs for the long term and residents with reliable, frequent links to and from Melbourne and mainland Tasmania. Furthermore, Council is committed to removing the financial burden of the airport from our ratepayers, who make up only 40% of the passenger traffic through the airport.

Council’s focus has and continues to be on the security of solid, long-term relationships that provide continuous Island access for our residents and visitors. To that end, we have been seeking diplomatic discussions with carriers and have sought input from the Premier (whose portfolio includes Tourism) and the Deputy premier to step in and navigate a long-term solution for King Island.

The decision to introduce passenger charges and increase landing fees was not made lightly. These options have been in discussion for more than two years and have been flagged with airlines as appropriate.

Most recently airlines were given pre-advice of the fees and charges schedule being submitted to council for discussion. Once the fees and charges were confirmed, airlines were advised the following morning and have been given a three month grace period. No increases will apply until 1 October 2018.

Every member of our Community is welcome to telephone, email or come to our office and ask for information about this matter, or any other relating to Council’s operations.

Your community Council, looking after our community’s assets