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Keeping Australia Free of Foot- and- Mouth Disease (FMD)

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) causes major problems in production and animal welfare in a number of countries. Fortunately, Australia is free from FMD, and has been for more than 140 years.

By following a few simple rules when returning from an overseas trip you can help keep FMD out of Australia.

  • Always declare food or any items of plant or animal origin, or equipment used with animals. The Australian Government website Travelling to Australia lists what can and cannot be brought in.
  • Biosecurity officers may inspect and clean your footwear or clothing for soil, straw or other material that could carry the FMD virus. Please have these accessible in your luggage.
  • If you have any concerns about items you are carrying, ask a Biosecurity officer.

An outbreak of FMD could devastate Australia’s livestock industries, costing the economy billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Please help to keep Australia free of FMD.

More information on FMD is available from the Australian Government’s website​.

You’ll find all the facts including the clinical signs of the virus, as well as regularly updated bulletins, product bans, common questions and answers, and much more.