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Interim Council General Manager & New Deputy General Manager

Our King Island Council General Manager, Kate Mauric is soon to depart on maternity leave, to have her 3rd child. We wish her and her family a very happy and healthy birth. Kate will subsequently return to her position in late 2024.

In the meantime, we need to have this critical position filled for statutory and workload reasons so have therefore appointed an acting/interim General Manager, Brian Barrett who has joined us this week. Brian will then sub in early 2024 with Robert Ball until Kate returns. Both Brian and Robert are familiar, having worked with us before.

In addition, it is also announced that the Council has appointed a new Deputy General Manager, Marty Smyth who will start with us in late November.  Marty comes to us from interstate with a wealth of experience, filling this important position will greatly increase our horsepower and capacity at the management level.

We know the community will make both Brian & Marty welcome and also wish Kate all the best when around town.