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Township Master Plans

Open: February 12, 2018 - Close: March 23, 2018

In early 2017 King Island Council successfully applied for funding to develop Master Plans for each of the Island’s three main townships – Currie, Grassy and Naracoopa. These funds were used to engage Beacon Town Planning to conduct stakeholder consultation, desktop reviews, and site visits to inform the drafting of a document to advise Council’s investment over the coming years.

Face to face consultation sessions were hosted in each of the three townships during February with residents invited to provide input on which projects to prioritise or specific ways to achieve the high-level objectives reflected in the Master Plans.
A written survey was provided online (SurveyMonkey) and in hardcopy for members of the community. Providing a period for the community to review plans before inviting face to face and written feedback was an effective method of positive engagement. In total over 150 individuals provided feedback on the plans and shared their ideas and priorities for the future of our Island’s townships.

This document provides a summary of the feedback and ideas received from the 150+ members of the community who engaged in this process.

The Township Master Plans implementation plan  was presented to Council and approved at its September 2018 ordinary general meeting. The findings of this consultation will be included in the development of Council’s 10 year Strategic Plan, Asset Management Plan, and Long Term Financial Management Plan.