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Shaping the Future of King Island Telecommunications

Open: June 11, 2019 - Close: June 17, 2019

The Tasmanian State Government granted $20,000 to Council to define the improvements needed to the Island’s telecommunications infrastructure. To this end, Steve Hogben from The Tech Project Group will be on-Island from June 12 to 14 talking with key stakeholders and businesses.

Business representatives are invited to attend a session at Ocean Dunes Hotel from 6pm on Thursday 13 June to discuss their current telecommunications experiences and their hopes for the future. Snacks will be provided in The Cataraqui Room for all attendees.

To register your interest in attending the event click here.

A copy of the report prepared by The Tech Project Group in 2015 is attached here for your information.

  TechProject – ICT Economic Impact Analysis – July 2015

Please use the form below to answer the following questions, or to provide any other feedback relevant to this project.

  • Outline where you are located and what your business or organisation does
  • Explain how you use telecommunications and internet services in your business
  • Do the services you have available today meet your needs? If they don’t, please elaborate on what the issues are and what difficulties or increased business costs arise.
  • If you had the services available that you believe your need at an acceptable price, what impact would that have on your business (eg economic, service delivery, efficiency)?

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