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Parking Concept Redesign – Main Street, Currie

Open: October 26, 2023 - Close: November 30, 2023

Throughout November, Council is seeking input from individuals and groups about a proposed redesign of the parking in Main Street, Currie.

The redesign will involve new line markings and parking concepts. The redesign is a direct response to members of the community sharing their concerns with Council that some of the car spaces in Main Street are too narrow.

More detailed information about the proposal and Community Input forms are available below, at the Council offices, and at Foodworks, IGA & KIRDO.

Community Input Forms need to be returned to us by 30 November, and the information will then be provided to Councillors to help inform considerations in preparation for 2024/25 budget process.

Community Information and Input Form

Concept Plans – Main Street Design for Public Comment