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Dog Management Plan

Open: July 23, 2018 - Close: September 1, 2018


As a result of community concern the King Island Council is introducing a Dog Management Plan.  The Plan will have a significant impact on the individual dog owners’ responsibilities, including the manner in which dogs have to be housed and controlled. The Dog Management Plan will also cover compulsory legislative requirement under the Dog Management Act 2000, this includes registration of all dogs over six (6) months of age and kennel licensing for people with more than two (2) domestic dogs or four (4) working dogs.

While Council has been given the responsibility of administrating the Plan it recognizes the need to promote responsible dog ownership and to provide programs that allow for changes in community standards. This plan is a base from which the Council can take the next step by accommodating change, planning for the provision of resources and to provide animal services and programs in the future.

Most importantly the goal of this plan is to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of dog owners and the needs and expectations of others in the community and as such we are seeking your feedback.

Hard copies of the Plan can be requested from one of our friendly staff at reception or downloaded below:

  DRAFT Dog Management Plan 2018

Council staff will be at the Currie Post Office from 10am-12noon on Wednesday 1 August if you would like to come and discuss this directly, otherwise, please feel free to contact our Ranger at any time.