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A Vision for a Collective Future

Open: October 24, 2018 - Close: April 29, 2019


Where are we going?

What are we creating?

What are we protecting?

What will be the legacy for the next generation?

We are looking to you, our fellow community members to help set a defined direction for our future and held a Community Town Hall Meeting as a conversation starter, which you can listen to below.

There will be more updates to this space shortly, but in the meantime, if you have feedback, please fill in the form provided:

  Listen Back to the first step in this process – a conversation starter

Past Strategic Plans can be viewed below:

  King Island Future Search Conference Report

  King Island Council Strategic Plan 2003 – 2013

  King Island Council Strategic Plan 2011-2020

  King Island Council Strategic Plan 2016-2020

  Sustainable Murchison 2040 Community Plan 101116