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Additional Truck Activity – Naracoopa Mineral Sands

Open: September 18, 2020 - Close: September 30, 2020

Naracoopa Sand Mines Pty Ltd has advised Council that it is planning a major export shipment of possibly up to 85,000 cubic metres of sand via Grassy Port in the near future. The company also advised that this is to comply with its environmental management licence, which has been confirmed by the Environmental Protection Authority.

The company is currently seeking approval from the relevant port and marine authorities to load bulk carriers anchored off Grassy Port. It is planning to bring additional trucks with trailers to the island to enable the operation to be completed over a period of approximately 20 days.

In accordance with the Company’s planning approval, the Company has submitted two optional Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for Council to consider.

Both TMPs can be viewed below or at the Council Chambers.

The first option (TMP 1) is for loaded trucks to travel from the mine to the port via the Esplanade and Naracoopa Road (both Council roads) to the Grassy Road (a State road), and return empty using the same route. Under this option there would be an average truck movement every 4 to 5 minutes.

The second option (TMP 2) is for a one-way system using Fraser Road and North Pegarah Road (both Council roads) to Grassy Road and return via Naracoopa Road and the Esplanade. This would halve the average number of truck movements on the route to one every 8 to 10 minutes.

Council understands that there will be significant disruption and impacts on residents and businesses during the carting period under either TMP. For road safety, traffic disruption and potential road damage and repair reasons, the one-way system seems preferable. However, as well as conducting its own review of these plans, Council is seeking views from residents and businesses along these routes.

A copy  can be made available by contacting Council offices on 6462 9000.

Comments are invited by using the form below, posting to King Island Council, PO Box 147, Currie  TAS 7256 or by emailing no later than Wednesday 30 September 2020.