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Glass Recycling Program collaboration with King Island District High School

Over the past 18 months, King Island Council have been working alongside students from King Island District High School to support the development of a Glass Recycling Program – an initiative that students in the Green Team believe will benefit the island after a survey undertaken at the start of 2021 shared that only 23% of households, that completed the survey, recycle glass and aluminium.

To assist with the program, Council has purchased yellow bins (as pictured) for each KIDHS family to collect their glass waste. Once the bins are full, they can be emptied at one of the drop points. Council will then collect this glass waste and crush it ready to be used in the base of roads and footpaths.

Drop points for disposing glass waste are as follows:

  • King Island District High School
  • King Island Council Depot
  • Gatenby Car Park
  • King Island Golf and Bowling Club

The Green Team are expected to conduct another survey early 2022 with the aim of increasing this figure to over 75%.