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Gates locked at Boulder

King Island Council is currently undertaking a private roadworks contract at Boulder.

Construction of the 2.6km road is on private land and with culverts and shoulders, will cost $150,000. While earthworks are underway, and until further notice, the access gate to this private road, needs to be locked for safety reasons.

King Island Council understands the locked gate is causing some concerns in the community but discussions have commenced with the land owners, Matt and Corinne Zoeller, to provide a new easement for the public to have future access to Boulder Point.

Matt and Corinne purchased the land at 87 Martha Lavinia Road, Egg Lagoon, known as “Boulder” last year. Dissecting their 494 acre property is the Council owned road to Martha and a private road, used by locals to access the popular fishing and beach at Boulder Point.

The Zoellers intend to submit a development application for planning approval to build a number of ‘eco lodges’ on the property.

“The road will provide a safe access to the lodge development site”, explained Matt Zoeller.

“We want to make King Island our home, and with our off-grid eco lodge accommodation, introduce others to the spectacular beauty of the island.

“This is our dream and our life savings, so while the road is being built it’s a construction zone and that’s why we’ve locked the gates.

“However, we have commenced discussions with the Council  to create an easement  across another part of our land so islanders can have a permanent access to the coast,” said Matt.

“We intend to become an active part of the KI community as we move our lives to the island full time over the next few months. While we acknowledge some people are upset about the Boulder track, we are doing our best to compromise, by offering another public access,” he said.

King Island Council can confirm easement discussions have commenced and will keep the community informed of progress.

Matt Zoeller is happy to be contacted via email about individual access for sentimental reasons in the interim;

Matt and Corinne Zoeller, with their two young daughters currently live in Sydney and will bring their considerable skills in nursing, intensive care medicine and digital mental tele-health to the island when they make their sea-change to Boulder.

On behalf of the community, King Island Council extends a warm welcome to the Zoeller family.