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Garbage Collection Disruptions

King Island Council is experiencing some technical difficulties with its garbage vehicles which is causing some disruptions to its collection services. The problems mean some bins have not been emptied properly and there are some delays in the normal collection schedule.

Council apologies for any inconvenience this is causing residents and businesses and asks that any particular issues be reported to Council’s Works Depot on 64621883 or by email

Council is also seeking the help of householders to place their wheelie bins correctly on the roadside for collection.

Residential bins need to be placed with the bin handle facing the property and away from the road edge.

The bin needs to be placed as close to the road edge as possible and if there are two bins, they need to be a meter apart and not close together.

The bin lid needs to be fully closed without rubbish protruding from the top.

Council appreciates the assistance of residents in placing the bins correctly for collection.