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Further Info – Roadside Maintenance

Council is appreciative of the amount of community engagement currently happening with various Council projects around the Island. There is a great level of response from the community around the Main Street Parking Redesign, with lots of questions, input and discussions ongoing. We’re excited by the positive feedback around our new Community Newsletter, and are keen to hear any suggestions around what will make this regular update more interesting and useful to the Community.

We’ve also had a lot of interest around the current weed spraying initiative.  Some more info on the frequently asked questions on the weed spraying are below:

  • This Weed Spraying work is a critical component of our road maintenance program.
  • It has been undertaken by a qualified and accredited Island contractor.
  • We spray 1.2m from the edge of the road, which is the council’s property, but if you ask us to avoid the nature strip adjacent to your property, we are happy to oblige, just let us know.
  • The chemical currently being used is a Glyphosate approved for use in Australia. Follow this link for more information – Glyphosate in Australia | Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (
  • Consideration has been given to overspray, such as monitoring the spread to ensure it hasn’t been drifting. We also spray low to the ground, and are conscious of wind patterns.
  • Roadside spraying is a widely acceptable practice, however not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it achieves essential road maintenance/drainage by reducing vegetation on the side of the road. Increased roadside drainage at minimal cost means less wear and tear (and potholes) on our roads.
  • It is the same chemical that is widely used on King Island by private residents and local farmers.
  • The majority of feedback has been very positive from the Island’s residents.

As always, you can get in touch with us through our Customer Service team on 6462 9000, email and our website