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Free Desexing and Microchipping for King Island Cats

National Desexing Network, in conjunction with Cradle Coast Authority, King Island Council and local King Island vets are still offering free desexing and microchipping of your feline friends.

There is still time for eligible residents to access vouchers by calling National Desexing Network on 1300 368 992. You are eligible if you have a valid pension, concession or healthcare card; low income; too many pets; or are adopting or taking ownership of an unowned cat.

This proactive initiative helps the whole community as it reduces unwanted litters and helps reduce cat nuisance issues and predation on native wildlife. Desexing not only helps to ensure fewer unwanted animals, but research shows that desexed animals can live longer and healthier lives. So, desexing your furry family members helps them too.

The project partners extend our thanks to King Island Vet Hospital and Bass Strait Veterinary for their participation in this initiative.