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Developing a positivity bias

Why are some people more resilient, kind, forgiving, show more grit and are generally happier?

It is a real skill to develop a positivity bias, but research suggests that if we practice this like any other skill, then we can benefit long term by becoming calmer, happier and more resilient.

Positive education, the marriage between positive psychology and best practice teaching, uses strategies that can help us all to flourish by acknowledging a full range of emotions and learning how to manage them. This includes understanding that although we can’t control everything around us, we can influence how we react to situations and the people around us.

Having grown up on King Island and returned to raise her own family, Tara Clark is seeking funding to launch a series of workshops in 2019 under the banner of Foundations to Flourish. Drawing on her skills as a teacher, trainer and curriculum writer for the Institute of Positive Education, as well as her desire to help our community display the likes of teamwork, empathy and compassion for each other, you can expect to hear much more from Tara in the coming months.

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