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Brand Management Group

Brand King Island is more than just a marketing device. It is the experience around the product.

That product might be a steak eaten in Japan, a drop of water taken in Spain, a meal at the King Island pub, or honey eaten off a spoon in your own kitchen. They all tell a part of the King Island story. King Island Brand is our people, our place, and our produce.

King Island Brand Management Group (KIBMG) is a special committee of King Island Council, established in 2008. A trade mark was registered in 2009 which is available for use King Island producers and businesses to use upon application to KIBMG.

Best Practice guidelines reflecting the Brand King Island values are provided for each industry to encourage a high base level of quality across the Island. These values are:

  • Quality community
  • Quality produce
  • Simplicity
  • Island nature

The Group currently represents producers of beef, cheese, honey, wallaby, sea salt, bottled water and seafood, as well as retailers, caterers, and tourism businesses. More information about some of these businesses can be found on their individual websites: