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Defibrillator location app

Ambulance Tasmania’s Early Access to Defibrillation Program is designed to take advantage of the many publically-accessible Automatic External Defibrillators (known as “AEDs “) across Tasmania.  If a cardiac arrest occurs within a few blocks of a registered machine, its owner will be alerted and, where possible, take their defibrillator to the scene to help the patient.

Knowledge of first aid is not required to register your AED and become a participant in the Early Access to Defibrillation Program.

You cannot do any harm to a person by applying an AED. You just have to turn it on and the machine will talk you through everything you need to do in simple steps. Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of defibrillators, however, is strongly encouraged for all Tasmanians.

AED Locator App

The Ambulance Tasmania AED Locator smart phone app shows community-held AED locations across Tasmania.  Available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms, the app will use your phone’s location to determine your closest AED and display directions to that device.

The app also includes an instructional video on how to use an AED, directions on how to perform CPR and manage an unconscious patient, and links to other useful sites and apps.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to the app, or have any difficulties downloading or installing it, please call 1300 979 057 or email

How to register an AED …

Anyone with an AED can participate and joining the Early Access to Defibrillation Program is easy. You can register online or call 1300 979 057 and ask for an Early Access to Defibrillation Program Registration Pack.

AED Locations in Tasmania …

You can view a map of publically-accessible AEDs in Tasmania on the LISTmap, which is published by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. If you are an existing LISTmap user, you can add AEDs as a new layer on your own maps … just click on “Add layer” and search for “AED”.