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DEC 16: Premiere showing of a new work developed on Island

Based on Virginia Woolf’s famous novel set on the Isle of Skye, To the Lighthouse is a spoken word performance with music that will premiere on King Island.

Under the Currie lighthouse, in the Harbour side haven of the Boathouse, the performance will unfold.

Mrs Ramsay is a beautiful fifty-year-old woman with eight children and a brilliant, but needy, philosopher husband. Consumed by her social interactions on Island as a way of making her life meaningful, she longs to marry off Miss Briscoe – a single woman in her thirties upsetting the social order. Lily, however, is committed to her painting and cannot understand societies obsession with hedges and houses and mothers and children.

Woolf’s brilliant reflection on the dynamic between the sexes, love, art and mortality uniquely captures the way humans depend on each other. Characters, thoughts and time merge and move, just as the light from a lighthouse takes in moments and illuminates sections of the landscape.

In a world destined to change, as it did in the period between the two world wars (when Woolf wrote her Modernist classic), Art is, perhaps, the only hope of surety.

As Lily mourns while painting;

“Nothing stays, all changes; but not words, not paint”.

To the Lighthouse takes place in one house over ten years looking out to the lighthouse. It is a meditation on the enormity of the human inner experience, and the way our inner lives are affected by the places we choose to live and those near us.

DEC 16

2018 | 6PM


Bring your supper and immerse yourself in the premiere showing of this new work developed on Island. For more information, contact Emma Little on 03 6462 9000



PAINTING: Caroline Kininmonth

PLAYING: Charles Pearce

  POSTER: To the Lighthouse