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Code of Conduct

The King Island Council has adopted a Councillor’s Code of Conduct relating to the conduct of Councillors in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act).

The King Island community can expect that the business of Council will be conducted:

  • with efficiency, impartiality, honesty and integrity;
  • within the spirit and letter of all relevant laws; and
  • in the best interests of the community.

This Code of Conduct is a statement of the standard of behaviour that Councillors have agreed
should be demonstrated, and which the community can expect to be demonstrated, when they are carrying out their roles and functions.

This code:

  • gives a clear understanding of how Councillors will behave in their dealing with each
    other, council employees and the community;
  • provides a practical means of identifying and resolving situations which may face
    Councillors in carrying out their roles and functions;
  • promotes fair, objective, transparent and informed decision-making by Council, ensuring
    that public interest will always have priority over Councillors’ private interests.

The Code of Conduct provides for the following matters:

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Use of Office
  • Use of Council resources
  • Use of Information
  • Gifts and Benefits
  • Behaviour and relationships with the community, other Councillors and Council employees
  • Representation as a Councillor, of the Council into the community
  • Any other prescribed matters

Application of Code

This Code of Conduct applies to a Councillor whenever he or she-

  • conducts Council business, whether at or outside a meeting;
  • conducts the business of his or her office- that may be Mayor, Deputy Mayor or
    Councillor; or
  • acts as a representative of the Council.

Making a complaint

A person may make a complaint to Council in relation to an alleged failure of a Councillor to comply with any provision of the code of conduct.

It is of vital importance that the Councillors are not only provided with guidance as to acceptable behaviour, but that they know if and when they have breached the Code of Conduct. Breaches of the Code of Conduct are therefore clearly defined.

If you wish to make a complaint in relation to a breach of the code of conduct please use the following form. This form is provided to help you comply with the Local Government regulations pertaining to the Code of Conduct. It is not compulsory that it accompany a complaint, however, all complaints must be in writing.

Local Government Code of Conduct Complaint Form

Please send your complaint form to the General Manager, King Island Council, PO Box 147, Currie TAS 7256 or

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