Council Header

Committees of Council

Special Committees (section 24)

Brand KI Management Group Mayor D McFie
Cr D Munday
KI Cultural Centre Advisory CommitteeCr J Benn
KI Historical Society Cr J Benn
Cr D Munday
KI Youth Advisory Committee (inactive)Unfilled
KI Sporting Management Committee (inactive) (formerly Youth Centre Management Committee)Cr K Russell
KI Airport Advisory CommitteeCr J Cooper
Mayor D McFie


Advisory Committees

KI Recreation Complex Committee Cr D Munday
Mayor D McFie


Committees Involving Elected Member

Cradle Coast AuthorityMayor D McFie (Board)
Cr J Cooper (Rep)
(General Manager) (Rep)
TasWaterCr R Conley
KI Natural Resource Management Group (KINRM)Cr K Russell
Cr D Bowling
KI Regional Development Organisation (KIRDO)Unfilled
King Island Council Audit PanelMayor/Deputy Mayor
(3 independent panel members)
KI Scheelite – Consultative CommitteeCr D Bowling
Mayor D McFie
KI Shipping GroupCr J Cooper
Cr D Munday
KI Tourism Incorporated (KITI)Cr D Bowling
Cr J Benn
Local Government Association of TasmaniaMayor D McFie
Cr R Conley (proxy)
Naracoopa Sand Mine – Consultative CommitteeCr K Russell