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Council 2021-22 Road Program

King Island Council has committed a record $1.86m to local road works in 2021/22, in addition to normal road maintenance.

The major projects include applying the second of a two-coat seal on sections of Old Grassy Road, the Cape Wickham Road and South Road and sealing gravel sections of South Road to beyond the Ettrick Bridge.

Extra money has also been allocated to improving roadside drainage and culverts on the most heavily used gravel roads.

The program is part of Council’s ‘back to basics’ strategy to make Council’s road network fit-for-purpose and safe for all users.

The road works have been funded from a combination of Commonwealth Government grants and Council’s own resources.

“The Council’s extensive road sealing plans would not have been possible without this financial assistance,” said Mayor Julie Arnold.

“The local road network is vitally important and Council is committed to a long-term program to spend more on maintenance and sealing”, the Mayor said.

“Council is also working with the State Government and the Department of State Growth to make sure improvements are made to the state road network on the Island’, the Mayor explained.

Council’s 2021-22 road plans can be categorised in four sections;

Second seal of 17km $1,400,000

A second bitumen seal to sections of Old Grassy, Cape Wickham and South Roads is planned for this coming summer.

This sealing campaign will be assisted by contractors selected under a tender process, who will supply the required hot bitumen and spraying equipment, with Council supplying aggregate, labour, rollers and traffic management.

Proposed funding for this second sealing program is:

$200,000 King Island Council
$254,000 Roads To Recovery
$946,000 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program

Two-coat seal South Road $300,000

This will continue sealing works begun on South Road over two years ago and extend a new sealed section beyond the Ettrick Bridge.

This gravel section is periodically washed out by rainfall and requires regular grading. Sealing this section will significantly reduce annual maintenance costs and enable safety measures, such as straightening of corners and widening of the road, where possible.

Council is funding this work from its own budget.

Widen South Road $160,000

Works commenced recently to widen the short section of road from the TasWater tanks to the intersection of Old Grassy and South Roads to improve road safety.

Funding of $100,000 was allocated in 2020/21 and a further $160,000 is committed in 2021/22. The project is funded under the Commonwealth Government’s Roads to Recovery program.

Roadside Drainage and Culverts

Council has allocated $100,000 in addition to its normal maintenance program to improve roadside drainage and culverts. The drainage works will assist in preventing damage to both gravel and sealed roads and reduce maintenance costs over the long term.