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Community Car still clocking up the kms

The KI Community Car is continuing to provide a valuable service to our community and we are extremely grateful for that.

This community organisation is managed and staffed by volunteers and has a duty of care particularly to protect the health and safety of their volunteer drivers.

The organisation is sensitive to the vulnerability of their client base and is working to ensure they will be able to continue to provide a service to those residents who are most reliant on their offering as an essential service for community health and wellbeing.

For these reasons the management of the Community Car will be continually reviewing their service and recently have made the following changes to what they are able to provide based on the current situation with COVID-19:

  • Anyone suffering from coughs, sneezes or runny nose will not be able to use the car until they no longer have those symptoms;
  • Clients who use the car for shopping are being asked to limit their shopping trips to weekly;
  • Local residents only will be transferred to and from the airport;
  • No-one will be allowed to sit in the front seat next to the driver due to social distancing obligations.
  • Passenger numbers are now restricted to 1, unless from the same household, in which case 2 people can travel together.

Management of the Community Car are acutely aware that keeping their drivers safe & healthy will help them to continue providing this vital community transport service.  Contingency plans are also in place to boost their driver numbers with additional volunteer support if and when that may become necessary.

For bookings, please contact Shirley Stebbings on 0457 347 965