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Artist in Residence Program – Svenja

Today we bid farewell to Artist in Residence – Svenja – who has spent the past month on our Island. While Svenja has previously focused largely on wearable art, she used her time on King Island finding inspiration for her move towards sculpture, low-relief wall work, and installation pieces.

In her first post about the opportunity, Svenja said “This is the opportunity I have been searching for – a time of reflection, and immersion in spectacular nature, in order to begin work on a cohesive body of work for an exhibition”. 

Svenja’s website documents her search for inspiration and her fascination with the kelp that washes up on our shores in a stunning photographic essay of her residency.

Excited by the visuals captured here on island, she will use these to help channel her existing techniques in a new direction – something we will certainly be keeping an eye on.